Final FY18 Pimlico Local Impact Aid Spending Plan

The Final FY18 Pimlico Local Impact Aid Spending Plan is now available. The plan allocates Local Impact Aid for the Park Heights Master Plan area, the Northwest Community Planning Forum, the Liberty-Wabash area, and Coldspring Newtown.

The priorities for the FY 2018 spending plan are:

– Promote visible, physical redevelopment

– Leverage this unique funding source

– Focus where need is highest and impact will be greatest

PCDA public forums on DRAFT spending plan

Mayor Pugh and the Pimlico Community Development Authority (PCDA) hosted a public forum on Thursday, February 23, 2017 for a presentation of the draft FY18 spending plan. You can review the meeting minutes here.

PCDA hosted a second public forum on Monday, March 20, 2017. You can review the meeting minutes here.

PCDA Recommendation Letter 

PCDA has reviewed the comments that were shared in writing and at the PCDA meetings on February 23 and March 20. PCDA has issued a recommendation letter based on written and public comments received during the 45 day comment period. Thank you for all your comments and questions!


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