Park Heights Redevelopment Process Moves Forward!

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Dear Park Heights Stakeholders:

The release last Monday of the REQUEST FOR QUALIFICATIONS (“RFQ’) FOR PROFESSIONAL SERVICES OF A MASTER DEVELOPER FOR THE PARK HEIGHTS MAJOR REDEVELOPMENT AREA represents an important milestone in the ongoing redevelopment of Park Heights.  One of the main goals of the redevelopment, as called for in the Park Heights Master Plan, is to create a distinctive mixed-income, mixed-use neighborhood and sense of place that retains the area’s unique attributes while creating a nationally recognized new community that retains an urban feel and is characterized by: pedestrian-scale, moderate density, accessibility and connectivity, transit oriented development, public spaces and amenities.

The objective of this RFQ is to find the most qualified development team to undertake the 49 acre project (with the possibility of adding an additional 13 acres), consistent with the goal of creating a mixed income community, as stated above.  Proposal submissions are due by May 27, 2016.  There will be opportunities for neighborhood residents to meet the qualifying teams, ask them questions and provide their input on what types of development would best serve Park Heights current and future residents.  Park Heights Renaissance, Inc. (PHR) will facilitate these community input opportunities, in partnership with Baltimore Housing, later this summer.  After a final selection of master developer is made in the fall, that development team will begin work on detailed plans for the multi-year build out of the Major Redevelopment Area.  More opportunities for community input into these detailed plans will be forthcoming, as the development team proceeds with its planning.  Read all the details of this RFQ at the link below:

With the ongoing expansion and renovation of the C.C. Jackson Park and Recreation Center, the complete renovation of both the Arlington and Pimlico School sites, the opening of Renaissance Gardens Senior Housing, and now the start of Major Redevelopment Area project, Park Heights is poised for the rebirth that community and City leaders have so long been working toward.  Please stay tuned for more updates, and thank you for your interest and dedication to continually improving Park Heights.


Thomas J. Stosur

Chair, Pimlico Community Development Authority


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